Atomos Sumo 4Kp60 Monitor-Recorder

Atomos Sumo Monitor/Recorder

The first production monitor that also records 4K 12bit Raw, 10bit ProRes/DNxHR, plus 1080p60 live switching and recording.

Die Cart
Get HDR on set in realtime with on the fly Log to HDR and PQ/HLG playback complete with mission critical scopes such as waveform, focus peaking, false color and vectorscope on the calibrated screen. Beyond monitoring, with up to 4Kp60 and 2Kp240 recording you can generate instant dailies and proxies direct to affordable and available SSD media.

Focus Puller
The combined monitor-recorder in the larger 19″ size gives focus pullers instant on set access to footage with focus peaking, 2:1/1:1 zoom and the ability to tag footage as XML files. The high bright 1200nit monitor, sturdy built-in armor aluminium alloy design and variety of mounting options makes it a go-anywhere, do-it-all monitor-recorder for focus pullers.

Client / Director Monitor
Clients and directors can see the amazing true-to-life nature of HDR in realtime away from the camera crew with precision mapping of Log from every camera maker and playback of PQ/HLG signals. Full playback controls and XML tagging means that they can also review footage and even create an instant client lightweight ProResLT copy with baked in LUTs and audio onto affordable SSD media. You can also choose to view both Log and standard gamma images with or without LUTs applied. Toggle between different looks with ease in seconds. (Read More..)

Atomos Shogun Flame 4K recorder

Atomos Shogun Flame 4K

The new upgraded model of Atomos Shogun to Shogun Flame HDR

If you are particularly keen on shooting exactly as your eyes see it, the Atomos Shogun Flame is the best option for available. With outstanding features to add to its ability, you can never have it wrong with a Shogun Flame monitor.


Most monitors in the market promise a lot but compromise on the quality of images and videos. The Atomos Shogun Flame was released to correct this by offering users exceptionally high-quality recordings. This 7” monitor with 10-bit AtomHDR 1500nit has capabilities of recording in different formats including 10-bit ProRes/DNxHR and 4K/HD. It also boasts of an HDR Log with a dynamic range that makes it possible to capture colors just as they are natural, even in areas of difficult exposures.

Main Features

Made For Outdoor

The Atomos Shogun Flame monitor is an excellent fit for field recording. It comes with a number of in-built accessories that make it ready for instant recording. You can easy carry the camera around with its Premium HPRC case. This case also fits some other important accessories such as D-tap cable, a USB 3.0 docking station, battery charger for fast outdoor charging, HDR sun hood, Lanc Cable, two packs of 4-cel NP Series batteries, an XLR breakout cable, and DC adapter.

Wide Variety of Tools

To enhance the user experience, the Atomos Shogun Flame comes with a variety of tools for control of precision, LCD calibration and setting up of the camera for use in different conditions. The 10+ dynamic range ensures that the monitor can deliver in HDR, and this helps capture moments exactly as they eyes see it.


With the Atomos Shogun Flame, power will not be much of a worry when recording. The monitor integrates a fast charging system (The Atomos patented) which is used for various Atomos HD products that operate in the 4K range. You can also swap the dual batteries during your recording as the system has been designed to allow for this. This means that the camera will start drawing power from the second battery as soon as it reads the first one is running low.

Ease of Use

The Atomos Shogun Flame recording monitor has been developed for both experienced and inexperienced professionals. It comes with a pre-installed OS which comes in handy especially during focusing. The OS also makes it simple to perform other functions such as de-squeezing content, peaking focus, vectorscope, framing and exposure functionalities as well.

Additional Features


With the Atomos Shogun Flame, you have a monitor that can be used with almost all types of cameras that allow for bi-directional conversion. With SDI and HDMI connection possible as well as the in/out feature, this monitor is applicable in unlocking Output Raw from some cameras and directly records this to 4K/HD or DNxHR.

Record Audio

The Atomos Shogun Flame allows users to record not only high-quality videos but audios too. This monitor has a built-in 2ch analog line and an audio system (8ch) which audio meters can use in recording audio files.(Read more..)

The Atomas Ninja Flame with High Dynamic Range ( HDR ) that storms the market

Atomos Ninja Flame

There has been a significant lack of top quality monitors in the industry. This has made it difficult for videographers to achieve dynamic range and optimal brightness. The Atomos Ninja Flame however has been released to correct this situation.

Optimal Brightness Now Achievable

For on-set recording, nothing can be quite attracting than natural and vibrant colors which provide images and recordings with nature’s touch. The Atomos Ninja Flame integrates a High Dynamic Range (HDR) as well as provides optimal brightness. This offers a precise solution to the problem videographers and photographers have always been experiencing; lack of optimal brightness in shoots. The monitor also comes with other great features such as the capability of recording in different modes over HDMI including 10-bit ProRes/DNx and 4K/HD. With the Atomos Ninja Flame, there is no brightness range that is not achievable.

Delivered, as Required

Complete Pack

Common with Atomos products, the Atomos Ninja Flame comes as a complete kit. Some accessories that you will find packed together with the monitor include a d-tap and control cable, a pair of NPF series batteries, five caddy cases (HDD/SSD), sunhood, battery charger, an HPRC hard case and USB3 dock. These are well packed in a convenient and easy-to-carry case making the monitor great for use in field activities.

Atom HDR engine

This Atomos Ninja Flame has a 10-bit panel that has more than 10 stops of the brightness range. Other than this, the Atom HDR engine that the monitor has been developed on makes this 7” display monitor with a 1920×1200 resolution one of the most technologically advanced products regarding display. The Atom HDR engine is the perfect solution to transforming well-shot images to high-quality pictures they should be rather than washed out images.

The Bit Panel; 1920×1200 325ppi

This is among the outstanding features of the Atomos Ninja Flame. The 7” bit panel with a 1920×1200 325ppi resolution is capable of handling over a billion colors. Additionally, the monitor comes with a 1500nit panel technology that makes it possible for videographers to change formats when and as required. The Ninja Flame is offered brightness capabilities that make it a perfect option for outdoor shooting.

DSLR Audio Monitoring

There are a number of exceptional features that come with the Atomos Ninja Flame, which of course includes the dual battery technology that allows for swapping. Perhaps there are others that stand out more such as the exceptional DSLR audio monitoring and super recording capabilities. These guarantee top quality recordings and images.

Noticeable Attributes

Pre-roll Feature

With the Atomos Ninja Flame, you will not miss any important moments. This is because of its HDMI recording capability which integrates the use of a pre-roll feature which is responsible for defining a cache that ensures you record each moment. You get to maximize your creativity and express your freedom in recording using the time-lapse feature.

SDI and Raw Formats

Perhaps one area where the Atomos Ninja Flame has been found wanting it’s in the type of formats it supports. Unlike the Atomos Shogun Flame, which supports a number of different recording formats including SDI, raw and HDMI, the Atomos Ninja Flame only supports HDMI.

Affordable Price

However, the Atomos Ninja Flame makes up for what it lacks through its price.  It is a way affordable option for a monitor when compared to other models including the Atomos Shogun Flame.

Worth the Investment

Buying an Atomos Ninja Flame monitor will always be worth the investment. To start with, it is an affordable option that offers reliable solutions. The monitor comes with a pre-installed OS that is simple to operate to achieve sophisticated functionalities and shots. You can also record 4K and HD using this monitor. Visit us at our expandore shops today and grab yourself this amazing piece of investment..(Read more..)

Atomos Ninja 2 10bit Smart Production for DSLRs & HDMI Cameras

Atomos Ninja 2


  • Real-time monitoring, playback, playout & edit logging in the field
  • 4.3” 800 x 480 touchscreen monitor
  • Focus assist, zebra & false color monitoring
  • Record direct from the sensor to 10-bit, 4:2:2 ProRes or DNxHD
  • Trigger REC/STOP from camera (certain Canon & Sony models only)
  • Timecode from camera (certain Canon & Sony models only)
  • Uses inexpensive 2.5” HDD/SSD media
  • AC/DC/battery with patented Continuous Power
  • Battery adaptor plates for Sony, Canon & Nikon DSLRs

The Atomos Ninja 2 is the world’s most advanced HDMI smart production recorder, monitor and playback deck. Every part of its physical and operational design has been carefully crafted to deliver the ultimate experience in simple operation and mission critical reliability. The Atomos Ninja 2 combines multiple devices – external monitor, capture card, playback deck and cut edit suite – into a single affordable tool. It’s lightweight, tough and robust for operation in the field.(Read More)

Atomos Ninja Blade 10-Bit Smart Production for HDMI Cameras

Atomos Ninja Blade


  • Sharp, Bright Deep Colours just like your Phone and Tablet
  • 10-bit 4:2:2 Quality for the Masses
  • Powerful monitor and test suite
  • Unbelievable low power consumption
  • Affordable 2.5″ HDD or SSD
  • Record direct from the sensor
  • Synced rec trigger and timecode
  • The longest recording time around
  • Instant shot review anytime anywhere
  • Play apple ProRes or DNXHD file from anywhere

Atomos Ninja Blade comes with an inch-perfect simple design that makes it an easy-to-use model extremely reliable to its functionality. It comes with a silky smooth, 5.1″ SuperAtom IPS, a capacitive touch screen that responds in lightning speeds to gestures.

This Ninja Blade is a smart option for production recording, monitoring and playing back deck and comes combined with a wide array of devices that gives it that extra touch as a tool. These include capture cards, playback deck, external monitor and a cut edit suite for editing of recordings. The Atomos Ninja Blade has been developed for use in different conditions with its tough and robust design and lightweight, making it easy for use in tight conditions.(Read More)

Atomos Shogun 4K Monitor Recorder

Atomos Shogun 4K Recorder


  • Record 4K & Raw
  • HD-SDI & HDMI Inputs
  • 7″ IPS Superatom
  • SSD/HDD Raid
  • XLR audio
  • START/STOP Trigger
  • HD 120FPS
  • Genlock

For users looking for a solution to recording RAW and 4K, the Atomos Shogun 4K Recorder provides the best professional alternative in the market. With this model, you can record in Cinema DNG RAW, Apple ProRes 4K and over HDMI as well as 12G-SDI. With the Shogun 4K recorder, you have the future solution of video production, right in your hands, today.

HD Inputs and Monitor
The Atomos Shogun 4K Recorder is the most versatile recorder available in the market. It comes with HDMI and HD-SDI inputs/outputs making it a perfect option for different types of shoots. It also comes with 1920×1200 pixels, Full HD screen that delivers perfect functionalities you could require from a monitor. The monitor has a full-color calibration making it ideal for shooting in different settings as it has colors that you can trust and through it, you can see exactly as the eyes do. To enhance your shooting experience and quality of output, the Shogun 4K recorder provides you with focal assist and waveform monitoring that ensures you get the best shots possible.(Read More)

Atomos Samurai Blade Smart Production for HD-SDI Cameras

Atomos Samurai Blade


• Unbelievable super-bright 5” IPS 1280 x 720 touchscreen monitor
• Full waveform vector scope with zoom & RGB/luma parade
• Adjustable gamma, contrast & brightness
• Standard BNC connectors
• Real-time monitoring, playback, playout & edit logging in the field
• Focus assist, zebra & false color monitoring
• Record direct from the sensor to 10-bit, 4:2:2 ProRes or DNxHD
• S-Log/C-Log recording
• Trigger REC/STOP from camera (Canon, Sony, ARRI, Panasonic, RED, JVC)
• Timecode from camera
• Uses inexpensive 2.5” HDD/SSD media
• AC/DC/battery with patented Continuous Power

After hours of detailed designing, developing and testing, the world’s most advanced monitor, production recorder and playback deck has finally been released as AtomOs Samurai Blade. Coming with a 5″ SuperAtom IPS Panel, the monitor boasts of a wonderful resolution and an exceptional color accuracy that gives the monitor an image representation just as exact to what your eyes see. It integrates an In-Plane switching technology that unbelievably adds life to images that otherwise appeared dull and lifeless in OLED.

The 5-inch capacitive touchscreen allows for users to input instructions via gestures and delivers quick and timely responses for a silky smooth experience. This monitor is designed for professional purposes, and this is well addressed by some of the features it incorporates and the tools it supports. Some of these features include an in-built waveform monitor, adjustable gamma as well as high-quality adjustable contrast and brightness. It supports a 325dpi (1280×720) 1 million pixels that guarantee great resolution and color accuracy. (Read More..)

Atomos Ninja Assassin 7.1″ Monitor Recorder

Atomos Ninja Assassin

Atomos Ninja Assassin extends ninja line up products to realm of 4K UHD and 1080 60p. It features lightweight, editing, Mirror less, HDMI and affordable add-on to existing DSLR. It’s now available at our store, you may place your order in our on line store or visit our store.

• Increased Video Quality
• Hollywood Quality
• Video Analysis Tools
• No Record Time Limit
• Focus Assist
• 4k to HD Down-convert
• 7″ SuperAtom IPS Monitor
• Apply & Preview LUT

Atomos Ninja Assassin continues the Atomos smart production tool ethos and extends the legacy of of the Atomos Ninja line up in to the realms of 4K UHD. The 7.1″ 320 PPI SuperAtom IPS gives 6x more viewing real estate than DSLR and Mirrorless models. In an extremely light weight 430g package the Atomos Ninja Assassin is a heavyweight of features and flexibility. Designed by Atomos from the ground up with lightweight, efficient Apple ProRes, AtomOS, Adobe/Avid, combined with the leading cameras from Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, Canon, JVC, Ikegami and Arri, Ninja your camera assassinate limitations. (Read More..)