Blackmagic URSA Broadcast Camera

Blackmagic URSA Broadcast
URSA Broadcast

Blackmagic URSA Broadcast Camera designed for Studio and Live Production
Blackmagic URSA Broadcast, a new high end, professional broadcast camera designed for both studio programming and live production. URSA Broadcast works with existing B4 broadcast HD lenses, can be used for both HD and Ultra HD production, features a 4K sensor, extended video dynamic range, traditional external controls and buttons, built in optical ND filters, dual CFast and dual SD card recorders, and much more.

Blackmagic URSA Broadcast is like two cameras in one, an incredible field camera for ENG and programming work, as well as a professional studio camera. The camera features traditional broadcast controls along with exceptional image quality, all in a compact design that is ideal for fast paced, fast turn around production work. The key is URSA Broadcast’s new extended video mode which captures incredible looking video with accurate skin tones and vibrant colors. That means customers don’t have to color correct images before going to air, making URSA Broadcast perfect for news, live sports, studio talk and game shows and more. URSA Broadcast lets customers shoot, edit and get stories on air faster than ever before.

Blackmagic URSA Broadcast is also designed to work with the equipment and systems traditional broadcasters already have. For example, customers can use their existing B4 HD and Ultra HD lenses with URSA Broadcast. Unlike other broadcast cameras, URSA Broadcast records onto inexpensive standard SD cards, UHS-II cards and CFast cards, and records 1080i or 2160p video into standard .mov files, with .mxf to be added in future updates. URSA Broadcast records using DNx145, DNx220X or ProRes, so video doesn’t need to be copied or transcoded. This makes it fast to work with video from URSA Broadcast because it’s compatible with virtually all existing broadcast systems and editing software. (Read more..)


Zoom F1 Field Recorder + Lavalier Mic

Zoom F1 Field Recorder

F1 FIELD RECORDER + LAVALIER MIC Professional Audio. Up Close
The Zoom F1 Field Recorder + Lavalier Mic is the perfect solution for videographers who need to capture the nuance of every word with professional quality audio.

Sound & Story
The Zoom F1 Field Recorder + Lavalier Mic completes your video’s story by providing outstanding audio no matter where your production takes you.

Capture Every Nuance
The F1-LP comes with Zoom’s newly engineered LMF-1 lavalier mic, designed for capturing every nuance. Combined with the F1, you can record high-resolution audio up to 24 bit/96 kHz, perfect for interviews, wedding vows, and more.

Low Profile Design
With its minimal profile, the Zoom F1 attaches neatly on belts, waistbands, or slipped into a pocket so the recorder can be easily concealed.

Worry-Free Recording
The LMF-1 Lavalier mic connects directly to the F1 and records to a micro SD card. By recording directly to the F1, interference or noise commonly experienced when using a wireless beltpack system is eliminated.

One-Touch Controls, Easy-To-Read Display
The F1’s one-touch buttons gives you easy access to record levels, limiter control, lo-cut filter and volume output. It’s newly designed monochromatic LCD display ensures visibility even in bright sunlight.

Essential Features for Videographers
AUTO LOCK: The Record Hold function or the Hold Switch can be used to prevent your subject from accidentally hitting buttons while recording.

NO CHANCE OF OVERLOAD: An on-board limiter and auto-level control keep your levels safe when spikes in loud volume occurs.

CONVENIENT POWER SOURCES: The Zoom F1 can be powered using two AAA batteries (included) or with the optional AD-17 power adapter.

USB CONNECTIVITY: Transfer recordings to your computer in card reader mode or record directly to your computer or iPad using the F1 in USB audio interface mode. (Read More..)

Zoom H1n High-Quality Stereo X/Y Microphones Recorder

Zoom H1n Stereo X/Y Microphones Recorder

Zoom Your Audio Anywhere and Everywhere
The Zoom H1n X/Y microphones capture high-quality stereo sound, supporting up to 24-bit audio at sampling rates of 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz in WAV and various MP3 formats.

New Controls
With the Zoom H1n, we’ve redesigned the user experience. One-touch button controls make it simple to record songs, audio-for-film, lectures, podcasting, and more. And its new monochromatic 1.25” LCD display is easy to read even in the brightest lighting conditions.

Distortion-Free Recording
An advanced onboard limiter offers distortion-free signal up to 120 dB SPL, cleanly recording the loudest of bands. A low-cut filter also helps eliminate pops and unwanted low frequency rumble.

Unlimited Overdubbing
The overdub function lets you add layers of audio, allowing for richer and fuller sounding recordings.

Transcription Made Easy
The H1n’s Playback Speed Control lets you transcribe music, interviews and other types of recordings without altering pitch.

Don’t Miss the Moment
You can also set the H1n to auto-record, pre-record, and self-time, making sure you always capture the moment.

The Connections You Need
An ⅛” stereo mic/line input lets you record with your external microphones or other sound sources, and supplies plug-in power (2.5 volts). Connect headphones via the ⅛” headphone output with dedicated volume control. You can also use the H1n’s built-in speaker to listen to your recordings.

The H1n’s USB port provides a digital output of the stereo mix and allows data to be sent to and from your computer. It also allows the H1n to be used as a USB microphone and a microSD card reader.

Free Recording Software
The Zoom H1n comes with free download licenses for Steinberg’s Cubase LE music production software and WaveLab LE audio editing software. (Read More..)

Hollyland Cosmo 1500 Wireless HDMI/SDI 1500FT Transmission System

Hollyland Cosmo 1500 Wireless Transmission System
Cosmo 1500

Hollyland Cosmo 1500 Wireless HDMI/SDI 1500FT Transmission System

• Guaranteed Distance: 1500ft
• HDMI and SD/HD/3G SDI input and output in TX & RX
• True Full HD 1080P60; 4:2:2
• No Compression, No Delay
• Point to Point &Multipoint
• Support Timecode &Trigger
• Support Level B
• 5GHz ISM frequency band, maximum 10 frequency channels selected
• Signal indicators for link status, video s Signal indicators tatus and receiver RSSI
• Working Voltage: 7-36VDC
• AES-128 encryption with air interface HD video data stream (Read more..)

Hollyland Cosmo 2000 Wireless 2000FT HDMI/SDI Transmission System

Hollyland Cosmo 2000 Wireless Transmission System

Hollyland Cosmo 2000 Wireless 2000FT HDMI/SDI Transmission System

• Working Distance: 2000ft
• Video Playback Switch Time < 2s.
• Support LCD direct vision of the signal strength, video format, temperature and current frequency point,signal.
• The built-in removable intelligent mute fan, system operating temperature to reduce 5-15 C.

• Frequency selection is 0-9 and auto.
• Enhance Wireless Performance, Rapid Stable Connection.
• MINI USB port with GUI, can provide firmware upgrade.
• Press the MENU button to close/turn on the fan.
• New interface protection design, effectively avoid SDI and antenna interface damage. (Read more..)

Hollyland Monitor Cage V1 Compatible with most 5-9 inch monitors

Hollyland Monitor Cage V1
Monitor Cage V1

Hollyland Monitor Cage V1 is especially designed for directors and cinematographers as monitor stand system. Hollyland Monitor Cage V1 aims to improve the comfort and convenience. At the same time provide the possibility of a large number of accessories installations.

Hollyland Monitor Cage V1 adopts light weight Bracket, with it’s thin and light weight to overturn the traditional heavy impression, enter the Thin and portable era.

Flexible and Easy Installation
Two installation ways are commonly used, by the 7 inch articulating arm, you can install the Hollyland Wireless Video Receivers on the Cage Bracket. Prevent the antennas to be covered and No Signal Transmission Influences directly carry on the back, parallel to the battery plate. Easy installation and use.

Compatible with Most 5-9 inch Monitors
5-inch Monitor installation
No need disassemble
no need tool installation

9-inch Monitor installation
Adjust the height by lengthening the bar Adapt to the large size monitor.

Rubber handle & Anti-Skid Resistant
The rubber handle is covered with small particles to increase friction. even if you hold it for a long time, you canhold it tightly and prevent it from falling out.

Long Extension
Users can adjust the buttons according to their own needs adjust the frame’s height and handle angle by Manuel. Improve your handheld comfort during the operation. (Read more..)

Hollyland Cosmo 600 Wireless HDMI/SDI Transmission System

Hollyland Cosmo 600 Wireless HDMI/SDI Transmission
Cosmo 600

Hollyland Cosmo 600 (600FT) Wireless HDMI/SDI Transmission System

• Working Distance 600ft
• Enhanced wireless performance and fast and stable connection.
• Easy to use, with LCD screen display, intuitive monitor equipment frequency, signal strength, video format, temperature and other information.
• In-built PCB antenna.

• In fixed frequency operation mode, the automatic scan
• free channel is supported MINI USB port with GUI, can provide firmware upgrade.
• LCD screen can display current frequency point, signal strength, video format, fan status, and equipment temperature. (Read more..)