Sony HXR-NX5R Multi-purpose Full HD Pro Camcorder

Sony HXR-NX5R Professional HD Camcorder

What’s New? Something different beyond Sony HXR-NX5

Film-makers and Videographers are looking forward to the replacement of the Sony HXR-NX5 HD Camcorder. NX5 is an affordable HD Camcorder based on AVCHD technology with Three 1/3 – inch Exmore CMOS sensors capturing chip and SDI out exclusively for demanding professionals. It’s been more than a year that Sony put an end to NX5, thus it gives an advantage to to its rival Panasonic AG-AC160 to be on hype in the market.

It has been a common requirement for the users of compact handy camcorders especially those in video productions to have an SDI output and super zoom feature which can be found both in Sony HXR-NX5 and Panasonic AG-AC160. However, despite of the demand for AG-AC160 with its more than 20x zoom, it will soon be discontinued too.

Currently, Sony does however have the nearest model to replace NX5 and that is HXR-NX3, however it  does not have an integrated SDI Output but with only HDMI out. The two aforementioned Sony Camcorders share almost identical bodies; the in-built LED of NX3 being the immediate identifier between the two. However despite of the NX3 built in light, it is not dimmable and there is no supplied light filter which is necessary to make the object look softer and controllable. If the light cannot be controlled it will be a useless feature of the camera that Sony should look into and consider in manufacturing a new camcorder.

What is going to be an ideas handheld Camcorder, learning the lesson and review  from both NX3 and NX5?
Capturing events at the touch of a button should be quick and easy. With the right features on the camcorder, it will do the work for you easier than you think. Building on the strengths of the popular NX5 and NX3 and by combining its best features, Sony will be on the right move to replace the NX5 now with new suggested features.

A video camera that has direct menus to access the parameter at ease and enable to record SD catering for Asia market is most awaited. The replacement of HXR-NX5 should be equipped with a minimum of 20x Zoom ( or higher ) and a powerful Clear Image zoom like NX3 that can boost magnification right up to 40x is an effective camcorder to get all your important shots without losing the pixel count.

Learning from the features of NX3, incorporating the adjustable Led light with filter and dimmable should be right way, you would have a powerful tool in your hand with its useful lighting feature and the soft filter kit should be a standard supply instead of optional purchase. Furthermore, with the enhance 3G-SDI output comparable to the HD-SDI output of NX5, this new camcorder will be a sole winner of cameras.

A better quality of view finder like OLED VF would be an effective asset to the camcorder as it has a flexible transparent display that can provide brilliant colours and be power efficient. In addition, having a built in Wi-Fi feature that enables the user to upload via FTP, which lacks in Panasonic models, would be of great preference.

And riding on the Sony unique Audio feature, with built in MI (Multi Interface) shoe element will be a definite added advantage over its competitors. Therefore, this suggested new features will make it the ultimate winner – a good choice for documentaries, corporate productions, wedding and events shooting.

Learning from the past expereinces of HVR-Z7, Sony should consider to build a new camcorder with detachable lens , allowing the user with flexible choice of lens for diversed usage. Within the current range of handhled ENG camcorder this feature will be the market champion for sure.

In short, if Sony going to replace NX5, the new camcorder “HXR-NX5XX” should have better function, not only combining the best features of both NX3 and NX5, it got to be superb to be the winner in this category of cameras. And please forgive our blunt suggestion, that it , if the price point is good, Sony may as well discontinue the current NX3, allowing Sony to place 100% effort to promote the new camcorder. With this new “possible” Sony video camcorder, you can take all the credit for eye catching shots. Own one to get started and record the right look moves!

It is time to make a guess on the model name of this new camcorder,  HXR-NX7 ? HXR-NX5R, HXR-NX5Ace or HXR-NX5Plus ? (Read more..)


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