Blackmagic Video Assist High resolution Monitor

Blackmagic Video Assist


  • Shoot Better Video
  • 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes and DNxHD recording
  • Super bright and clear HD display
  • Modern and intuitive user interface
  • Uninterruptible Power
  • High Speed SD Card

Blackmagic Video Assist

Blackmagic Video Assist is one of the most recently released recording solutions by Blackmagic. This recorder is the ultimate affordable recording solution for videographers.


Blackmagic products have always continued to offer video and audio production solutions for professionals over time. The latest addition to the list of Blackmagic products is the Video Assist, which integrates the latest technology in video recording in a compact and portable camera. The Blackmagic Video Assist has redefined video recording with its capability of recording in a number of different formats as well as including its professional production monitor. It comes packaged as the best possible accessory that will help you get extra functionality from your digital camera.

Main Features

High Screen Resolution

A good screen with a high resolution is important for capturing cinema quality shots. The Video Assist comes with a large sized screen with a high resolution that makes it easier to focus and frame when shooting. If you own a camera that lacks a recording facility such as the Blackmagic 4K Micro Studio Camera, then the Video Assist is a perfect accessory to pair with such types of devices.  It will make it possible for you to shoot and record professional videos as well as audio. The best part about Blackmagic Video Assist is that it works equally well with different camera brands that support pairing through SDI/HDMI ins/outs.

Advanced Shutter Technology

The Blackmagic Video Assist comes with an advanced shutter technology that ensures every moment is captured. It also comes with other capabilities such as allowing for on-set recording, monitoring and playback. The recorder comes equipped with a super 35 Sensor that is firmly mounted to ensure for rigidity.  During use, you will find that the camera is flexible enough to be used in both studio and field production.

Additional Features

Remote Control & Audio Recorder

The Blackmagic Video Assist comes with a number of advanced technical components that enhance its functionality and equally make it an easy to use recorder. You can control the Video Assist remotely using LANC connection which it is supplied with.  It also comes with a 28dBV electrical noise floor which ensures that audio recordings are of the highest possible quality.

Dual Recorders

You can use the Blackmagic Video Assist for recording long or live events non-stop. The recorder integrates dual recorders which ensure there is enough back up just in case on fails. You can also use affordable SD card media with the recorder which allows for high speed, dual UHS-II SDHC recording.

Mini XLR Inputs

You will find the Blackmagic Video Assist to be a good investment especially after learning that it comes with two Mini XLR inputs. This is particularly true if you shoot your videos with a standard DSLR which outputs poor audio quality.  With the Video Assist, you can pip the picture from your DSLR, bypass the audio from the DSLR and input it from your Video Assist recorder. The process is rather easy and will get you feeling like a professional videographer or producer.(Read more..)


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