Blackmagic URSA 4.6K EF Camcorder

Blackmagic URSA 4.6K EF


  • Super 35 size sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range
  • Shoot in incredible quality Ultra HD
  • Dual Recorders for Non Stop Recording
  • User Upgradeable Sensor and Mount
  • Massive Viewfinder as a fold out 10 inch screen
  • Standard connections eliminates custom cables

Blackmagic URSA cameras

If you are looking for a camera that will give you stunning High Definition pictures, Blackmagic URSA cameras are the right solution for you. Express your freedom with these great digital film cameras that allow you improve creativity.


There is no hiding of the fact that Blackmagic URSA cameras revolutionized the entire camera industries. Every release of these innovative products marks a step of improvement in the Digital Camera industry and additional dimensions for expression in the film industry. Taking, for instance, the Blackmagic URSA EF digital camera, it is clear that these cameras are designed to offer solutions to real-time challenges experienced by photographers and videographers. With the Blackmagic URSA EF, productions crews will no longer have to shift their entire equipment from a location to another during shooting.

Main Features

Bright Screen

With the Blackmagic URSA EF digital camera, your workflow is set to be organized. This is because the camera includes a super bright 10” screen that allows for full view of the shooting. It also comes with two additional 5-inch screens on both sides of the camera which help improve the focus as you flip the main screen during shooting. Video and film production professionals have been facing that challenge of achieving focus in smaller screens and thereby missing important details during shooting. With Blackmagic URSA cameras, however, all that belongs in the past.

 Super Sensor

There are many features that the Blackmagic URSA EF comes with, but perhaps one that stands out the most is its Super 35 size sensor.  Combine this with its 15stops dynamic range and the camera is defined in its class. The two are perfect for achieving high-quality shots without missing any moments. The outputs are cinema quality with a remarkable 4608×2592 pixels achievable at 15 dynamic ranges which are quite well above the bar.  When using Blackmagic URSA cameras, the lighting of the shooting environment does not matter much. This is because the camera works equally perfect in different conditions including both bright and dark.

Additional Features

Dual Recorder

With Blackmagic URSA cameras, you can shoot continuously without having to take a break to insert an extra memory. TheBlackmagic URSA EF supports dual recording which means that the recording will automatically be saved on the second memory drive as soon as the first is detected to be running out of space. This makes Blackmagic URSA cameras quite applicable in a wide variety of settings such as live events.

Advanced Features

Blackmagic URSA cameras have been developed for high end production purposes. These digital cameras can be used in shooting music videos as well as small advertisements. All this is possible due to some highly advanced features that the cameras integrate. These include the in-built set monitoring that allows for auto focus. The 10” Viewfinder and its super 35 size 4K sensor that supports dynamic range allow for shooting of high quality recordings and images.  The digital cameras can be used outdoors as comfortably as they can be used in studio productions. This is because the digital cameras are lightweight and come with a rugged, future proof design.(Read more..)


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