Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera
Micro Camera


  • Extremely Customizable Design
  • Revolutionary Expansion Port
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Transmit and monitor video wirelessly
  • Wide dynamic range and global shutter
  • Interchangeable Lenses

One of the most sellable aspects of the Micro Cinema Camera is its design. With a uniquely expanded port that combines well with its advanced miniaturization, the carefully crafted design of the camera makes it possible for personalization of rigs and remote operation and monitoring. The body is slightly larger than the Micro Four Third Lens mounting, and this effectively ranks it the smallest camera that comes equipped with a professional lens. It is created for outdoor shooting with the combination of both strong and lightweight magnesium alloys ensuring its durability. It has front buttons that allow for its operation when mounted and if completely out of reach, you can control it remotely.

The camera has a 16mm sensor and an impressive global shutter of up to 30 frames per second(fps). This shutter acts as a still camera by exposing a full image at the same instance, and this allows for non-distorted or rippled images as compared to those captured by rolling shutters. This also allows theMicro Cinema Camera to be as effective in low lighting as it is in favorable shooting conditions.(Read more..)


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