Blackmagic URSA B4 Broadcast Digital Camera

Blackmagic URSA B4 Broadcast


  • World’s first user field upgradable camera
  • Designed for feature films, television commercials and more
  • Dual Recorders for Non Stop Recording
  • Built in On Set Monitoring
  • Two Extra 5″ Touch Screens
  • Super 35 wide dynamic range 4K sensor
  • Rugged, lightweight and future proof

Film and television production crews no longer have to deal with the logistics of shifting multiple large and unwieldy production equipment from one place to another.

The Blackmagic URSA B4 Broadcast Digital Camera effectively provides the entire set of equipment required for filming into one compact and portable technology design.

The Blackmagic URSA B4 Broadcast Digital Camera with you, organizing workflow on set is now a breeze equipped as it is with a 10 inch flip out super bright screen that allows you to see clearly even when shooting in bright sunlight. There is the added delight of finding two smaller 5 inch screens on either side of the camera for better focus which are only revealed when you flip out the larger screen. Undoubtedly the world’s biggest viewfinder, the 10 inch screen allows you to achieve superb focus to nail the perfect shot right down to the minutest detail even when you are shooting in Ultra HD, a definite improvement upon the struggles of achieving focus on the hitherto small screen. Also the screen is the screen is also equipped in with ultra wide viewing angle to enable you to see crystal clear images even when the screen is tilted and panned to extreme angles.(Read more..)


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